Roseline : Sponsored by the Clark Family

7th Grade Photo

7th Grade Photo









This year Roseline will complete 8th grade. Her kind face says a lot about her generous heart. She is a well rounded young woman who enjoys going to school, reading, and playing guitar. Biology class is what she looks forward to most each day. She has a wonder for the world around her and a great fascination for living things. She told us her favorite book in the Bible is Genesis because, ” it teaches us the beginning of the earth “. She also possesses a deep compassion for the people of her country. She longs to make a difference by becoming a doctor so she can help those in need. In her own words she shared, ” to help people who are sick and in bad situations.”


You may sponsor Roseline for $35.00 a month which provides meals, medical care and an education at Christian Light School in Port Au Prince, Haiti.



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