Kervens : Mark and Rebecca Hogg

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5th Grade Photo


7th Grade Photo

7th Grade Photo














Kervens is a quiet young man, who doesn’t waste words or vision. His favorite subject among all of the ones he has studied is Biology, and when he finishes school, he wants to be a veterinarian. He has purchased rabbits from the market that he looks after, as well as catching and feeding pigeons, and takes care of any other animals that he can rescue and raise. His aspiration is not only to care for animals, but to teach others how to do the same. Kervens’ knowledge of and passion for furry, flying, creeping, crawling creatures is unmatched, and I look forward to seeing how his vision to share that dream takes shape.

You may sponsor Kervens for $35.00 a month which helps provide him with meals, shelter, medical care and an education at Christian Light School.


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