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8th Grade Photo

8th Grade Photo


“I know I can’t help all the people of my country, but I want to do my part.” Ricardo understands the importance of the little things. How even when something seems so small, it can make a huge impact on someone’s life. He is an extremely personal young man, who takes his time with each person making them feel special. Looking them in the eyes, he has a way of caring deeply for each individual he talks to. He also has an incredible passion for telling people about Jesus. His enthusiasm and fire to share the word of God with other is overwhelming, especially for someone only in the 9th grade! He loves to share his knowledge of Christ, and his personal experiences freely with anyone who will listen. His eyes lit up when we asked him about his favorite part of the Bible. However, there was just too much that was said to write down! But he summarized it all up by stating, “I like to teach people about Jesus.”

You may sponsor Ricardo for $35.00 a month which provides meals, medical care and an education at Christian Light School in Port Au Prince, Haiti.


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