Evensky : Sponsored by The Parker Family

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3rd Grade Photo


5th Grade Photo

5th Grade Photo














Evensky is difficult to put into words. Not because he doesn’t have much to say; he’s very considerate and sociable. He just doesn’t talk about himself. As a sixth grader, he’s already a selfless young man. When I asked him which subjects his grades are best in, he responded with a casual shrug, saying simply “I am not bad in all the subjects”.

I can only guess at the talent that statement represents. His favorites happening from the Bible is Paul’s story because “he was a bad man and God changed his life”. With a willingness to serve that rivals Paul’s, Evensky is ready to pursue anything God asks of him. After repeatedly dodging the question of what he wants to do after finishing school, he summarized his career plans with this statement: “I can say something, and God may choose something else for me to do”. That heart, punctuated by his signature grin, is a proper introduction to Evensky.

You may sponsor Evensky for $35.00 a month which helps provide him with meals, shelter, medical care and an education at Christian Light School. Evensky’s 14 year old brother James also lives at the orphanage.



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