Caleb : Sponsored By Little Shane Roberston

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7th Grade Photo


8th Grade Photo

8th Grade Photo















Caleb is the funniest guy you could hope to meet! His friends and classmates are delighted with his willingness to share a good joke and create an environment for laughter, and it is impossible to resist sharing one of his ready smiles when you are talking with him. He wants to become a doctor once he completes school, so that he can “take care of his wife, and his children – and other people” who need his help.

His favorite stories in the Bible are of Caleb and Joshua (because it has his name in it), as well as the story of David. When I asked Caleb what he would say about himself to someone who had never met him, he responded “I can say I am a person who is not jealous. I like to laugh a lot. And I like to make friends”.

Caleb also asked me if I know which state in the U.S. they “do a lot of laundry in”. (It’s Washington).

You may sponsor Caleb for $35.00 a month which provides meals, medical care and an education at Christian Light School in Port Au Prince, Haiti.



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